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10 Steps for Successful Hospitality Interviews: A Guide for Recruiters

Recruiting in today’s challenging hospitality industry can make interviews feel pressured and less effective due to a shortage of candidates. However, employing effective strategies can enhance the interview process. Here’s a comprehensive guide to conducting successful interviews in the dynamic hospitality sector.

1. Plan Ahead

Define your interview process, considering stages and practical sessions. Communicate time frames to candidates and ensure a comfortable, distraction-free location. Invest time in reading CVs and researching candidates. Offer remote/online interviews for candidates if that is helpful and be as flexible as possible

2. Be Confident & Friendly

Set a relaxed tone by being confident and friendly. Encourage questions, outline the interview process, and start with a brief introduction. Allow candidates to talk through their CV, asking questions as they proceed.

3. Use the CV as Reference

Utilize the CV as a reference point. Note questions or points in advance and provide feedback on the CV. Discuss any gaps in the CV and verify dates.

4. Take Notes

Take notes during the interview, especially when interviewing multiple candidates. Inform candidates why you are taking notes, promoting transparency.

5. Have a 2-Way Conversation

Adopt a conversational style, acknowledging that candidates might be attending multiple interviews. Showcase company benefits and opportunities, making the position appealing.

6. Ask Specific Questions

Test competency by asking specific, open-ended questions and requesting examples. Be prepared to rephrase or repeat questions for clarity.

7. Tour of the Venue

Offer guided venue tours, emphasising their designated area (e.g., kitchen for chefs). Introduce candidates to the team for a connection. Gather feedback post-interview.

8. Invite Questions

Ensure candidates have ample opportunity to ask questions, creating a comfortable atmosphere. This naturally occurs in a conversational interview style.

9. Final Stage Engagement

Suitable candidates may proceed to a final stage. This may involve a trial shift, presentation of a SWOT Analysis, Business Plan or acting as a mystery customer. This enhances engagement and demonstrates commitment.

10. Close the Interview

Summarize key points, check for understanding, and prompt candidates for further questions. Confirm next steps, including timeframes and communication methods.

This 10 step guide aims to streamline and enhance the effectiveness of the interview process in the dynamic hospitality industry.

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